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Aircraft Work Platforms

Warner Specialty Products designs and builds aircraft work platforms for aviation development and safe maintenance needs. From height adjustable platforms to custom rolling maintenance platforms, Warner Specialty Products has the expertise and capabilities to meet your specific workplace safety requirements.
helicopter work platformHelicopter Work PlatformThis aircraft work platform allows for safe and easy access to the top of the helicopter.
Aircraft Maintenance Access PlatformJet Access StandThis custom maintenance stand was designed to create access to the tail of a jet. This aircraft platform allows mechanics to access the plane with better ergonomic positioning.
Aircraft Windshield Maintenance PlatformWindshield Installation PlatformThis custom-designed aviation work platform was designed to help operators install windshield on helicopters in an ergonomically-correct position.
Aircraft Maintenance PlatformCustom Rolling Aviation Work PlatformThis rolling aircraft work platform was designed for operators to access hard-to-reach areas on a jet engine.
Aircraft Work Platform Height-Adjustable Aircraft Work PlatformThis aviation work platform has a custom-designed platform with a semi-circle front edge to follow the design of the part. This platform has an integrated electric lift, allowing the aviation work platform to travel vertically 36". The articulating stairs allow access no matter the height of the platform.
Custom Mobile Aviation Work PlatformThis mobile work platform was designed around the need to access a hard-to-reach area on the aircraft. The integrated seat allows the operator access to hard-to-reach areas with the use of both hands.
Custom Reach Aviation PlatformThis safety platform / work-stand was designed to allow an operator to support his weight while having both hands free to work on the product.
Mobile Cantilever Aircraft PlatformThis cantilever maintenance platform allows the operator to access the top of the aircraft while going over protrusion of the aircraft.