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Mobile Storage Racks

The following is a sampling of some quality products we offer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You may also return to the Custom Fabricated Products category.
Portable Storage RackThe portable storage rack has pull out shelves that lock in the in/out positions. They are able to be stacked to conserve on storage space required in an industrial setting.
Portable Rack with CurtainThis portable industrial storage rack has a clear curtain front that maintains a dust free environment and allows for ease use and access to parts.
Heat Transfer Portable RackThis specially-designed storage rack was designed for parts coming out of a furnace. Hot parts are placed on the top of the unit which has heat dissipating material. When the parts are cooler they are put on lower shelves which are protected by high temperature plastic.
Portable Storage BasketsThis custom portable storage rack is actually four stacked baskets. Each basket has a door for part access. Each basket can be separated from stack for individual storage.
Custom Pull-Out Shelf UnitThis portable industrial storage rack is custom designed and fabricated. It comes complete with 100% pull out shelves. All shelves are covered in rubber matting to keep parts from being damaged in transit.
Enclosed Parts Stackable RackThis portable industrial stacking storage rack completely enclosed with polycarbonate. The sliding doors on the front allow easy access to parts. The interior shelves are non-marking phenolic sheets with a UHMW divider grid.