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Portable Work Platforms

For jobs that demand a versatile environment, Warner Specialty can manufacture a portable work platform that offers increased flexibility and safety. Below are some examples of our work. Contact us with your specific needs.

Helicopter Work PlatformThe Helicopter Work Platform allows for safe and easy access to the top of the aircraft.
Hybrid Bus Access PlatformThe Hybrid Bus Access Platform allows for safe and easy access to a hybrid bus' battery storage unit.
Large Mobile Work PlatformMobile platforms can be designed to fit almost any need.
Custom Portable Access PlatformThis portable platform was designed to create all access to a stationary work platform.
Jet Access StandThis stand was designed to create access to the tail of a jet. The platform allows mechanics to access the plane with better ergonomic positioning.
Circular PlatformThis portable platform is constructed of two pieces that lock together creating a platform around a part that sticks through the center diameter.
Mobile Access PlatformThis stairway/platform is a portable option for reaching the second floor of a plant.
Custom Rolling Work PlatformThis custom-designed work platform allows operators to access a jet engine on a moving assembly line.
Custom Mobile Work PlatformThis work platform was designed around the need to access a hard-to-reach area. The integrated seat allows the operator access to hard-to-reach areas with the use of both hands.
Custom Reach PlatformThis platform/workstand was designed to allow an operator to support his weight while having both hands free to work on the product.
Windshield Installation PlatformThis custom-designed work platform was designed to help operators install windshield on helicopters in an ergonomically-correct position.
Height-Adjustable Work Platform (Machine)This adjustable work platform was designed to gain access to a machine. It was designed height-adjustable because of the many size operators working on the same machine.
Connecting Work PlatformThis platform is made up of two cantilever work platforms. They were designed to be used individually or can be connected together, creating a bridge.
Mobile Cantilever Work PlatformThis custom-designed rolling ladder was modified with a cantilever platform. The cantilever platform allows the operator to get work on the top of part while going over protrusion of the part.
Custom Rolling Work PlatformThis custom rolling work platform was designed for operators to access hard-to-reach areas on a jet engine.
Height-Adjustable Work Platform (Aero Space)This work platform has a custom-designed platform with a semi-circle front edge to follow the design of the part. The platform has an integrated electric lift, allowing the platform to travel vertically 36". The articulating stairs allow access no matter the height of the platform.
Portable Boat Access PlatformThis platform was designed to allow access to boats during the manufacturing process.
Bus Access Work PlatformThis platform creates safe access to work around, on top and next to a bus.
360 Degree Work PlatformThis custom-designed work platform was designed to accommodate workers working on a large cylindrical part. The platform is able to be disassembled to allow for part access.
Work Platform with Fall ProtectionThis custom access platform was designed with built in fall protection for a secondary operation. Variations of this platform can be custom designed to fit different applications.
Crucible Work PlatformThis mobile design replaces a stationary design. It allows for greater versatility.
Snow Removal PlatformsFeatures can include, but are not limited to:  Roof Oriented at Waist Height for Optimum Ergonomics, Heavy Duty Structural Channel Frame, Open under Frame for Snow Clearance, Platforms (if more than one platform height is needed) can be fastened Together, 48" wide grip Strut Walking Surfaces, Removable Side Rails, and Swing Gate at Each Access Point to Ladder.