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Stationary Work Platforms

We have built safe, ergonomic stationary work platforms for a variety of industries and custom applications let us create a solution for your workplace access needs.

Walk-Thru PlatformThis walk-thru style access platform was designed to allow workers to safely access concrete forms while using ladders.
Roof Access StairwayWe will custom design access stairs around your requirements.
Outdoor StairwayThis custom outdoor access stairway ships in components that are easily bolted together.
Tri-Level Access LadderThis 3-level custom access ladder was used to access a height adjustable platform when it was at various levels.
Marine-Style LadderThis access ladder was custom designed to go from ground to roof with a marine angle reducing the footprint of the ladder.
CatwalkThis catwalk was designed for operators to walk over pipes that run along the floor. The decks are removable so there is access to the pipes if necessary.
Work Platform for Work CellThis custom work platform creates its own ergonomically correct work cell.
Tank Access StairwayThis access platform and stairway was custom-designed to access a storage tank creating a safer method of accessing the tank and it's contents.