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Important Ergonomic Solutions for the Workplace.

Ergonomic Solutions Transform the Workplace

Warner Specialty Products hosted the Ergonomic Products and Material Handling Equipment Show at Aqua Turf Club in Southington, Conn., October 13, 2016. Cutting-edge ergonomic and material-handling technology were showcased to engineers, EH&S managers, employees, and procurement specialists.

Hosting this showcase reflects our across-the-board commitment to providing businesses with ergonomic equipment that keeps workers safe and productive.

The Importance of Ergonomics  

The guiding mission at Warner Specialty Products is ensuring that workplaces serve both employees and employers. Poorly designed or arranged work environments can, over time, devastate businesses. Workers under physical strain -- those who reach too far, bend down too much, sit at a desk or in a chair not designed for the work environment aren’t able to meet their full potential. They also may develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain, which can result in medical leave and increase your workers’ compensation costs.  

Ergonomic design mitigates these issues by creating a work environment comprehensively designed around a worker’s physical needs. An employee who works in an environment free awkward motions and unhealthy positions is more energetic and productive, A worker in an ergonomically friendly workspace is less likely to miss work because of MSDs or other on-the-job ailments. The positive impact on workplace morale, not to mention your bottom line, can be significant.

Ergonomic Solutions From Warner Specialty Products  

Making ergonomic improvements to any operation is about process and infrastructure, and it includes taking a close look at individual jobs and tasks to understand the unique physical and environmental needs of every individual.  

Warner offers a broad range of ergonomically designed and customizable products for manufacturers large and small. Promoting greater efficiency and organization while reducing occupational injuries, Warner offers strategic upgrades for your workspace and your workforce.

Our range of electrically and manually adjustable workstations, for example, can be raised or lowered to meet the optimal working height.  Our ergonomic chairs, with their well-contoured support and adjustable settings, can transform long days at the office into more pleasant, more productive, and overall healthier days.

Our custom material-handling machinery, which makes hauling, hoisting, and otherwise wrangling myriad equipment an efficient undertaking.

Updating your facility and individual workspaces to become more ergonomically friendly may seem like a daunting undertaking, but Warner Specialty Products can make it easy. We work with you to deliver customizable solutions for the special demands and realities of your specific business. Our ergonomic products support your workforce from the manufacturing floor to the administrative office.  

Reach out to Warner Specialty Products to learn more about our ergonomic offerings and how to integrate them into your workplace.


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