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High Quality, Reliable Work Platforms Keep Workers Safe and Productive.

Keep Workers Safe and Productive with a High-Quality and Reliable Work Platform

EH&S managers, owners, and workers alike understand the critical nature of workplace safety.  Compliance with OSHA’s regulations is crucial to the safety of all employees. One area of concern for safety stewards is work platforms.   

When asking your team members to scale heights on your behalf, a safe high-quality, and effective work platform, regardless of your industry is vital. Warner Specialty Products, Inc. understands the need for safety compliance, and can design a platform customized to the unique nature of each enterprise’s needs.

Reduce the Potential for Risk and Danger in the Workplace with a Custom Industrial Work Platform 
When it’s time to purchase your first work platform or to replace existing work platforms, focus on maintaining optimal safety for your employees. Some basic OSHA requirements designed to your employees safe are:   
Work platforms must have railings or guardrails of at least 42” when working at heights above 48”.  Work platforms must have four-inch toe guards to prevent materials from falling over the edge, which could cause injury to workers below 
 Any work platform staircase with four or more steps requires handrails Openings on work platforms must feature a swing gate for protection

Choosing the Right Work Platform Application for Your Needs, with Employee Safety in Mind
Once you’ve reviewed safety concerns and regulations with which you need to comply, let us design the right industrial work platform for your organization’s needs. A work platform can vary from a safety-conscious platform ladder designed for improved accessibility to a mobile mezzanine -- or a height adjustable work platform -- which affords extra work space. From simple/standard to complex/customized our platforms are designed to decrease work hazards while increasing productivity based on your individual application and need.   

Once you begin exploring options, we can assist in determining just what you need for your workspace -- whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing facility, aircraft hangar, heliport, garage, or on location for roofing projects or maintenance work -- before customizing your options.

Consider just a few of the unique work platform options available to you: 
Height-Adjustable Platforms: These mobile platforms feature integrated lifts to vary heights. 
Mobile/Portable Platforms:  Designed for ease of use.  A single work platform can be used for multiple applications. 
Fixed/Stationary Platforms:  Designed to be used around existing or new machinery  
A Combination Platform integrating various components can also be designed.

Explore the Possibilities of Work Platforms for Your Business 
We can help you determine your needs, while optimizing workplace safety and efficiency. At Warner Specialty Products, Inc., we understand the dynamic nature of your business, as well as your desire to protect your team and maintain efficiency and productivity. Contact us today.


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