Height-Adjustable Platforms

Custom-built mobile platforms with integrated lifts for height adjustment.

Lowered Height-Adjustable Work Platform

This lowered-height adjustable work platform can include other custom controls such as soft start/stop; indexed lifting and lowering; slide-out sections that increase platform size ...

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Raised Height-Adjustable Work Platform with Manual Slide-Out Extension

This raised elevating work platform is shown in full raised position with manual slide out extension to increase platform size, but can also be used in lowered position when necess ...

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Raised Tandem Style Operator Platform with Walkway Bridge

This height-adjustable tandem style operator platform lift is connected by a walkway bridge surface and shown in the raised position, however it can also be used in the lowered pos ...

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Height-Adjustable Work Platform

This tandem-style operator platform lift can be used in the shown lowered position or used in the raised position with accordion bellows skirting. Additional customizations, such a ...

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Height-Adjustable Machine Work Platform

This adjustable work platform was designed to gain access to a machine. It was designed height-adjustable because of the many size operators working on the same machine.

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Small machine platform with stairs

smaller jobs that require ergonomic solutions to increase productivity, decrease fatigue leading to fewer injuries.

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