Ergonomic Matting/Flooring

he proper ergonomic matting and flooring solutions for the job and environment can: 1. Improve employee productivity, 2. Reduce lost time, 3. Reduce injuries & incidents, 4. Upgrade facility aesthetics, and 5. Save money

Anti-Fatigue Matting

A variety of anti-fatigue solutions are available for workstations and assembly lines. Most mats are standard or custom geometric shapes that can be easily dropped in place

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Ergonomic Flooring

Made up of modular interlocking tiles that can go as long or wide as needed. Locking system holds tiles together but can be unlocked and relocked easily. Flooring can be installed ...

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Contamination Control

Clean Room Mats are sheets of “tacky” film that collect dirt and debris from shoes. Just peel off the sheet when it is full to expose a new sheet

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Electrically Conductive runners, and mats to protect sensitive equipment or eliminate static annoyance. A grounding snap is included on each mat

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choose from a variety of surface patterns and thicknesses to suit your needs. Custom sizes available

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Oily/Slippery Environments

Matting specifically designed to provide traction and drainage in a areas prone to oils, chemicals, and fluids

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